Hi, I am Saket Lohia. I am a Financial Analyst based out of New Delhi. I am passionate about Investing in companies with changing business models.

About Changing Numbers Blog:

Recently I did a research on data of Indian Listed companies share prices for last 7-8 years. I found that in every year, there are 100+ Companies, who changed their business models and their share prices increased more than 100%.

I have in the past few years, entered in some really good businesses in the Initial Stages of the turnaround cycle by focusing on these numbers.

As Analysts, our conviction comes from Numbers. In my experience, One of the good ways to identify these companies in Early stage of Investment cycle is by looking at Quarterly Numbers. As the change is very much visibly reflected in the numbers.

This blog focusses on such changing companies. And so, the name of the blog is Changing numbers. 

My twitter handle is @saketlohia5

Mail: Saketlohia5@gmail.com